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If you've ever dreamed about becoming a celebrity on social media through video platforms like YouTube, Wowza, or Twitch, CameraFi is a great way to get started. It's not a powerful enough utility to replace the professional equipment that rising stars need to really offer the production levels that their viewers expect, but it's a great option for amateurs, hobbyists, and fledgling celebrities looking to hit the ground running. This app for mobile phones takes the camera you already use for your daily activities and provides you with a number of new functions tailored to the needs of professional and semi-professional content creators.

Camerafi mac

Webcam 7 is streaming service that allows users to view video captured by webcam. It supports flash video streaming MPEG-4/RTSP IP cameras as well as MJPEG audio capabilities. It is compatible with most Windows operation systems, from XP to. The latest version of Camera Live is 13.0 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for the General category. The app is developed by info.v002 and its user rating is 3 out of 5.

While CameraFi has long existed as a tool that allows you to connect your smart phone and tablet to a USB UVC camera, CameraFi focuses explicitly on the needs of creators looking to stream live video. It takes all of the lessons learned through the CameraFi interface and then makes some adjustments to suit the needs of modern video creators. The result is an impressive piece of work that allows you to accomplish all the basics for making your videos look sharp and presentable. All you have to do is plug in a USB camera or a capture card or use your existing camera to shoot the video you want. Audio support is available via a mic or UAC, and CameraFi Live offers direct connections with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, USTREAM, and RTMP/RTSP servers. VGA, HD, and FHD formats are all supported as well, so this is an app that can scale up to meet the needs of even high end and professional cameras and capture cards.

Once you set up the parameters, there's not a lot of effort on the user end to get going. You can basically just hit play and trust that your viewers will see the results at a quality resolution and in real time with little in the way of hiccups or data loss. The connectivity is one of the most critical components here, as it allows you to get more varied perspectives without having to do much in the way of pre-production and still get quality results. A smart setup allows users to get the dependable imagery they want while having both hands free to express themselves while on camera.

Once you've set up the basics for the CameraFi Live settings, you have a lot of versatility over how you stream. Videos are automatically saved so that you can archive them or shuttle them over for post production, and you can configure privacy settings directly in the app interface. Whether you're looking to televise your performance only to patrons or family members or do a dry run that you can edit later, the options are available.


Camerfi Software Download Mac
  • Provides a lot of versatility for live recording using a variety of different devices
  • Offers easy setup and simple compatibility with most of the major video streaming social platforms

Camerafi Software Download


  • A no frills utility that doesn't offer any production tools

XMEye is the popular App that designed for various inexpensive IP cameras and NVRs/DVRs. XMEye makes remote video monitoring via smartphones become super easy. However, this App is only compatible with Android (Smartphone, Tablet) and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices. Is there any software for the PC which can be used for Windows or Mac PC? Well, we are delighted to introduce you the replica which recently has been released by the Xiongmai (XM). VMS is an acronym for “video monitoring software”.

Top Best License Free VMS Software for IP Cameras/NVRs

As the latest central monitoring station software, the VMS now adopts Apple skin and user-intuitive UI design. Unlike the conventional CMS software, the new software is easy to use. Despite supporting both Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) and Mac OS, it also can be compatible with network cameras from Xiongmai, Hikvision, Dahua, and other ONVIF compliant brands. VMS is also a freeware, offering up to 64 channel video monitoring capability, depending on your PC's hardware performance, it makes video monitoring over PC become smooth and straightforward. Lastly, this software can support local video surveillance but also the remote surveillance.

This software is license-free, no trial, no registration is required, it supports up to 64-channel video monitoring and has a very friendly UI design. WE DON”T OFFER ANY SUPPORT FOR IT! You can find common FAQs in comment sections.

Download XMEye VMS for PC

Download from server in China:
  • Windows OS: (64bit released on July, 2017)
  • Windows OS: (32bit released on Feb, 2017)
  • Mac OS: (released on September, 2016)

Optional download link from, need to contribute 0.1 USD to download via Paypal. The web server is located in UK can provide faster download speed.

  • Windows 64 version: Click Here!
  • MacOS X version (Apple computers): Click Here!

If you wish to add Dahua or Hikvision cameras/DVRs/NVRs to VMS, you can use another version that comes with Dahua and Hikvision protocol, you can download from here!.

After sharing the article, it will reveal download link, you can download VMS that compatible with Windows and Mac computers from Googledrive.

How to use the VMS software?

Download and install the VMS software.

Login with default account information (account & password: admin). After login, navigate to [User Manager] to modify the account, or manage the account.

After login to the VMS, you will see all the features which the VMS supported.

General Functions

  • Monitor: Watch security video (preview)
  • Device Manager: Add/delete IP cameras/NVRs/DVRs
  • Playback: Play the recorded video clips
  • Record Settings: Storage space setting, recording modes

Config Manager:

  • Device Config: Config the connected IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs
  • Alarm Config: Enabled/Disable Motion detection, camera masking, video loss, Alarm I/O
  • Tour Setting: Tour setting for PTZ cameras
  • User Manager: Manager the user accounts
  • System Config: Config the VMS software settings


  • Map: Google map integration
  • Decoder: Decoding video footage
  • Backup: Backup all the settings of VMS software
  • Batch Upgrade: Update/Upgrade the firmware of devices remotely

Add the Cameras/DVRs/NVRs to VMS

Navigate to [Device Manager], the VMS will list all the available devices that in the same network. You can click 'Search again' menu to start to search for devices. If you wish to add the camera which are not in the same network, then you have to add it manually.

Click [Manual Add] to add the device manually, input the user-defined name, then select the group. If adding the camera from the same network then select [IP/Domain] value on login type column, if you wish to add the camera for remotely video monitoring (not in the same network/accessing from a different place), then should select [CloudID]. Vendor selection list includes XM, HK, DH, ONVIF, choosing the appropriate one according to your device's brand. After completing the other input, click [Save and Continue] to add the device.

Camerafi Software Download Mac Os

Note: If choosing IP/Domain, it's required to input the camera's IP address or domain name, using the default port number 34567, if you don't change the port number in your device (IPC, DVR, NVR). User name and password are the device's account info.

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