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AceStream is a new p2p program that uses the bittorrent protocol and allows you to view an online torrent file without downloading it. AceStream lets you apply this new technology to stream live content.


Download and install from Launch Acestream Player and Select Media. Select “ Open Ace Stream Content ID ” and enter the Content ID of your desired channel into the box. You can download Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS versions according to your device. Then follow the steps below (take Windows for example). Step 1 Download and install VLC Media Player first, launch it, and click on MediaOpen File. Step 2 Click on the Add button and choose the file you want to stream. Download and install Soda player as any other application on your MAC. Open the browser and go to the football streaming site and select the match you want to run on the AceStream media player; A page. Acestream free download - Torrent Stream, TV Romania Online Sopcast, Acestream, HTTP Streams, Torrent TV for Windows 10, and many more programs. Acestream free download - Torrent Stream, TV Romania Online Sopcast, Acestream, HTTP Streams, Torrent TV for Windows 10, and many more programs. Hardware encoding on both Windows and Mac (used only when trancoding is absolutely required). Support for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. Support for 1080p and up to 4K videos with compatible devices (Chromecast Ultra, NVIDIA SHIELD, etc.). Support for subtitles (most subtitles will not require transcoding the video).

1.- Download the latest AceStream HD (Currently available for Windows and ANDROID devices).

2.-Execute the downloaded file and perform the installation normally, clicking ‘next’ until the installation is complete.

3.- The latest versions of AceStream HD come pre-configured to get the best performance from each device. We recommend keeping these options by default. ACESTREAM will automatically update every time a new version is released.

4.- When installing AceStream HD for the first time, we recommend opening port 8621 on your router to improve communication between the program and the peers that share the data. Also enable permission in the Windows firewall if necessary. Usually this process is done automatically AceStream HD during the installation, although we recommend to review it.

5.- Once installed, restart your computer, and you can now access AceStream HD content online


6.-From AceStream players you can extract the ID of each stream so you can play it directly in ACE PLAYER or any compatible application by copying and pasting the ID code.

Download Acestream Apk

To do this, in the player, you must click on ADD TO PLAYLIST and copy the link that appears in the CONTENT ID module (example: 8hnd92j2d83nd9m1dq9s).

7. From our website, in addition to the integrated player Flowplayer (Chrome) and webplugin (Rest of browsers), you can also externally play the content in Ace Player. To do this you have to choose under the player the icon of ACE PLAYER or ANDROID and click. This will automatically launch the playback in Ace Player.


Usually this problem is related to a bad configuration of your video card. To solve this we will do the following:
1.-Open Ace Player and select TOOLS
3.-Select the option VIDEO
4.-In OUTPUT select in the drop-down menu OPENGL VIDEO OUTPUT
5.-We give SAVE and the changes will be saved.


It happens many times that during the visualization of an event appears continuously in AcePlayer an annoying state message where the message “prebuffering” appears next to the number of peers to which you are connected. To disable this feature we will do these 5 simple steps:
1.-Open Ace Player and select TOOLS
3.-Select the option SUBTTITLES – OSD
5.-We give SAVE and the changes will be saved.


Acestream is a multimedia platform that offers high-speed streams. You can watch your favourite videos online, without having to download them.

What does Acestream offer?

Acestream is designed for people who want to watch online videos and live streams without having to download content.

Through Acestream you can watch content online and get a HD quality viewing. The software relies on P-P BitTorrent connections. This means that as more users watch a link or join a live stream, the connection won’t lag.

Instead, Acestream shares the load across the users and increases bandwidth so your connection is speedy and secure.

Acestream Mac Download Chip

You tune into your favourite live streams and videos as they happen in real-time, without waiting for content to load, or relying on a slow connection and bad video quality.

For those who want to quickly access Acestream, there are browser extensions available. You enhance your streaming experience by clicking on your browser toolbar and enabling Acestream. Experience videos in better quality, with no lagging.

One downside to Acestream is the fact that your connection is public. Other users, and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see that you are streaming content. If you don’t have the right to view something, especially if it isn’t available in your country, your ISP may issue a notice. It is possible to avoid this issue, however, by using a VPN to keep your Acestream connection hidden.

Where can you run this program?

This software can be run on desktops only. It works with systems operating on Windows, Linux and macOS.


Is there a better alternative?

There’s no denying that Acestream is a good software for reliable streaming. While there isn’t a better alternative to this software, you can try WebTorrent Desktop for a similar service.

Our take

Download acestream apk

Acestream is a simple program that enables you to livestream content without interruption. We think it works well and is simple to use.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download Acestream and start enjoying streams using their link. Enrich your viewing experience and avoid waiting for content to load.