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Free download, install and run the hard disk formatting software. Right-click a partition on the disk you want to format and select “Format Partition”. Set the partition label, cluster size and file system as you like, and click “OK”. Begin to format the hard disk by clicking “Apply” in the main interface. Oct 06, 2020 Follow these steps for using a PC formatted hard drive on Mac. Drives formatted for Windows will need to be reformatted before use on macOS or OS X. Connect the hard drive to your Mac. Open Disk Utility on the Mac machine. Select View Show All Devices. Chose the storage device to be formatted in the sidebar and click Erase. Disk repair software mac free download - Flobo Hard Disk Repair, Mac Free Disk Partition Recovery, Disk Drill, and many more programs.

At times data stored in Mac’s internal hard drive suffers from data corruption and damage. To rid of such issues, you need to take help from professional disk repair software. In this blog, there is an earnest attempt to list the top five disk repair software for Mac users.

You might have used the Disk Utility functionality of Mac to diagnose and resolve problems encountered in your computer. Disk Utility is an in-built macOS diagnostic tool to rid of basic issues such as hard disk drive directory structure damage, file system permission problem, and so forth. But, the utility lacks comprehensive storage drive management features, repair functionality, and other advanced diagnostic & tech tools that are essential for you to run Mac smoothly. Therefore, you need to use a third-party tool to augment advanced utilities catering to repair, diagnosis, and disk management. The following list of top five Mac disk repair software is an earnest attempt to showcase other enhanced options and use Mac to its fullest.

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Best Tools for Mac External Hard Disk Repair

The top 5 list is as follows:

1. Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac (supports macOS Catalina 10.15)

This is the world’s first and only software that recovers corrupt Mac hard disk’s data & repairs your video & photos files. Moreover, the software recovers lost APFS partitions, external hard disks, SSD’s, Time Machine, password-enabled drive and Fusion drives. The latest version of the software creates recovery drive and performs file recovery from non-booting Mac systems.

Leverage this Mac Technician data recovery tool if the storage disk drive has logical corruption and the external drive is unmounted or not showing up on Mac. Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac scans the Mac storage disk drive to recover permanently deleted files as well.

You can connect an external hard drive and perform formatted recovery, partition recovery and restore lost data conveniently. The software has a built-in Drive Monitoring utility that monitors the health and S.M.A.R.T. status of your start-up drive. With the Technician version, you can run a Surface Scan to find out the bad-blocks on Mac’s storage disk. Apart from data recovery capabilities, this software also has ‘Video & Photo Repair’ features that fix corrupt or damaged digital files like your favourite video or photos in a few simple clicks.

Hard Disk Formatting software, free download Mac Os 7.5 Download

You can free try this software on your Mac system without the need of an expert.

Explore the Mac data recovery options and download the brochure of Stellar Data Recovery Technician software for detailed information.

2. DiskWarrior

This is a useful disk repair utility for Mac with quite a different repairing functionality, unlike other disk repair tool. The software creates a replacement data basis the original data instead of rebuilding damaged data. Subsequently, the software ensures there is no inaccuracy in creating the new data structure from the original one. The software can also be used as a preventive maintenance utility for Mac storage device. When you execute the software, it rebuilds and optimizes the directory, thereby removing any kind of data structure damage and improving drive performance.

3. Drive Genius:

This is a really beneficial disk utility tool for your Macintosh computer. The tool can be used to repair hard disk drive even if your Mac does not boot; supplementary bootable DVD comes handy to boot your computer from it and launch the tool. Some of the important features of the tool include directory repair, repartitioning, cloning, surface scanning, defragmenting, executing bench tests, performing integrity checks, and above all shredding data (which is generally not a consolidated feature of a repair utility).


4. OnyX

This is a personalization, optimization, and maintenance utility for Mac OS X. The software has advanced features to execute system maintenance, run storage drive diagnostics, configure system hidden features, and delete caches. Its repair utility helps you to repair hard disk drive for errors and inaccessibility. The software is great for up keeping your Mac so that it functions without any glitch.

5. TechTool Protogo

This is quite a good holistic Mac utility that is laden with advanced features. The volume rebuild tool examines, rebuilds, and repairs corrupted directories of hard drives. The utility can help you to create a bootable Mac repair toolbox on your flash drive or external hard disk drive, which can be used in the situation when your Mac does not boot. The software can be used to run diagnostics, repair and recover data, optimize hard disk drive’s performance, defragment the drive, and delete data securely.

To Sum Up

Now you are aware that the inbuilt Disk Utility tool of your Mac computer is not sufficient to meet your advanced troubleshooting needs. Functionality beyond Disk Utility is a must to get your Mac up and running. The top five Mac disk repair software presented in this blog can be used to repair your hard disk drive for errors, inaccessibility, or system corruption. This 5 software is either free or can be availed as a trial. So, download the trial version of any repair software to recover your hard disk drive. And above, do not forget to give Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac a considerate try, as its latest release excels in disk repair capability, appealing GUI, advanced features, and excellent technical support.

Moreover, the software has a price advantage over the other disk repair utilities. Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Mac is 100% Safe & Secure and has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

  • Professional partition recovery tool to recover files from formatted partition on Windows & Mac
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  • Formatted Partition Recovery Software is available for free download that recovers files from formatted partition and avails a free preview of the recovered files before saving
  • Lost files after formatting the drive?

    The format or reformat operation on the storage drive has to be carried out very carefully. It is necessary to a backup the data prior going to format the drive. This is because with drive format all the files/data residing on the drive partitions will be completely erased. This applies to both internal and external storage drives. Moreover, there are several reasons why a user formats the disk partitions.

    Scenarios wherein we usually format a partition:

    • Accidentally formatting the important hard disk partition/volume on your computer on an attempt to format another drive
    • Using the Windows Disk Management tool to format, reformat, shrink, extend, or delete hard drive partitions with no much knowledge
    • Trying to format or re-format Mac volumes using Disk Utility or any other third-party application
    • Re-installing Windows, Mac or any other operating system on your computer will also lead to the format of the existing partitions/volumes
    • Corruption in Master Boot Record on Windows PC or Apple Partition Map corruption on Macintosh may even lead to data loss
    • Bad sectors on the hard disk drive caused due to sudden power spikes or because of an improper shutdown lead to inaccessibility of the system log files again resulting in data loss
    • Formatting hard disk partitions on Windows PC after they are infected badly by the virus or malware attacks

    Alongside this, there are many other scenarios where the storage drive can face a severe data loss. It sounds troublesome to find a way to restore the files in a safer way. All your worries end here, the Recovery Formatted Partition software can ultimately help you get back all the files/folders from any storage drives in a simplified fashion.

    NOTE: Do not save any new files on the drive after formatting it. If the files lost after formatting the drive are replaced with new files, then it becomes highly difficult to regain files from formatted partition. So, better immediately stop using the drive after formatting, in order to increase the chances of formatted partition recovery.


    Free Formatted partition Recovery Tool

    • Supports file recovery from FAT 16, FAT 32, extFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS and HFSX formatted hard disk partitions/volumes
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    • Creates a disk image to bypass bad sectors on hard disk and extracts every bit of information on it
    • Powerful enough to perform a formatted HFS partition recovery on Mac OS X Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion and so on.
    • Option to add new file signatures to its current list and even to edit the current file formats
    • Successfully restores data from reformatted/formatted hard drive, USB drive, SSD, external HDD, memory card and iPods
    • Allows viewing recovered files and folders in two different view formats, i.e. 'Data View' and 'File Type View'

    Supported Hard Disk Brands: Seagate (FreeAgent, GoFlex, Expansion, Satellite, Replica), Western Digital (My Passport, My Book, Elements), LaCie (Rugged, Porsche, Minimus), Iomega (Prestige, eGo), HP (Pocket Media, SimpleSave), Buffalo (MiniStation, DriveStation), Hitachi (Touro, LifeStudio), Toshiba (Canvio), Apple (Time Capsule), IoSafe, Silicon Power, Transcend, Kingston, Imation, Fujitsu, Quantum, Samsung, Maxtor, etc.

    Watch this Video Tutorial on How to Recover Formatted Partition

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    Steps to Recover Formatted Partition

      1. Download and install Recover Formatted Partition software on your computer
      2. Open the application and select Recover Partitions option. Next, from the list of logical drives, choose the formatted drive which you want to recover and hit the Scan button as shown in the below figure
      3. Now the tool starts scanning the formatted drive to find its previously formatted file system
      4. Upon the completion of the scanning and recovery process, it displays the list of recovered files. You can view the recovered data in two views- Data View and File Type View
      5. Before saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the files by right-clicking on the respective file and choosing Preview option to ensure safe recovery of the files
      6. If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software then activate the license key and save the recovered files at the location of your choice

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