Achieversmall Operating Guidelines

This is the model operating guideline of the Achieversmall E-commerce marketplace fully discussed under the following major sub-heading to ensure complete understanding of our operating by all aspiring merchants. 

Guideline Changes


Product Creation Guidelines

Value Added Services

Fulfillment Method Guidelines

Packaging Guidelines + Sanctions

Return Guidelines

Promotion Guidelines

Payment Terms Conditions and Payment Schedule

Sales and Order Regulations

Merchant account dlisting and Order regulation

Sensitive Goods Policies

Guideline Changes
 Any major change regarding the below guidelines that impacts the vendor operating model will be communicated via Email to vendors. Vendors are required to keep the registered email up to date in Seller Center (Settings >> Vendor’s Profile >> Email Address).  

·         Commissions

       Achieversmall has set up a clear and transparent commission structure, based         on the category of products offered by the vendors. This commission structure         can be viewed on our commission page

·         Product Creation Guidelines

  Merchants are responsible for creating products on the marketplace as well as uploading pictures and content that meet Achieversmall expectations. our team will review and quality check each product to ensure they are compliant with Achieversmall expectations. A product will not go live unless it meets all requirements. All detailed content guidelines are available per category  

1.    You can upload up to 8 images for each product in JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.

2.    Maximum file size is 1MB.

3.    First Image will be the main image of your product.

4.    First Image should be the front view of the product

5.    Watermarked images are not allowed

6.    Background of the product should always be white

7.    Image size should always be 680x850 pixels

·         Value Added Services


        Achievers capture: this is a premium service from our creative studio offering new merchants the required support that eases their on-boarding process by providing a photo-shoot for products of the new merchant. A new merchant shall enjoy a free photo-shot for 40 SKUs of their products. the images taken will be edited and uploaded by the our team inline with the Achieversmall standard on behalf of the merchant. Merchants who wish to have more than 40 SKUs of their products captured, will have to pay for the value added services.



·         Fulfillment Method Guidelines (Merchant Drop Shipping)

1.    Cancellation Rules: If the stock of the merchant is up to date, no cancellation should occur. The Merchant will be charged (commission of the item x2, capped at 2000 Naira per item) for every order cancelled at his will.

2.    Fulfillment time rule: The merchant commits to processing (i.e. setting the order to “ready to ship”) every order within 24 hours of the item hitting the merchant’s Seller portal. The merchant commits into delivering (i.e. ensuring the item is set to “shipped” status) 100% of its ordered product to New height global resources within 24 hours after the item was set to “ready to ship” status.    


·         Packaging Guidelines + Sanctions

  Achieversmall will conduct tests and audits of the packaging practices of each vendor and may refuse to ship an order for which the packaging is not matching the Packaging Guidelines.  If the products packaged by the merchant and received by New Height Global Resources are not following the guidelines, item can be repackaged by Achieversmall.


Package must not show any sign of usage of any visible damage. As a consequence, if more than 2 (two) times in one month, the orders received by New Height Global Resources from the merchant are not following the packaging guidelines, New Height Global Resources may charge a penalty to the merchant or propose the merchant to change its Fulfillment Method under the sanction of Shop suspension or contract termination.   merchant are responsible for providing adequate packaging for your products. Adequate packaging will protect the item during the entire delivery and return to merchant process. If the Achieversmall-branded packaging is not sufficient to protect the item, the merchant must supply additional packaging, such as bubble wrap, a larger box, or space fillers. All items that may be crushed during the delivery process must be packed in a carton, rather than flyers. If an item is too small for the carton provided, the vendor must fill the empty space with a filler material.   


·         Return Guidelines

Return to Merchant / Return to Inventory

Once marked as “Failed Delivery” and the package is untouched by the customer, it would be sent to the Return Hub un-tampered for pick up/delivered to your doorstep. If the package has been opened by our customer, it will be retrieved and sent to Achieversmall Warehouse where it will be quality checked and returned into our inventory.

The Achieversmall team processes items for return to merchants on a daily basis. Merchants should only come to the warehouse to pick-up return items if they have received a confirmation email from the Achieversmall team. You are required to provide your Seller ID while visiting the warehouse to pick returns. If you do not have your seller ID, please raise a claim with the name of the store-owner/ store-representative. This person must come with a valid form of ID that matches the information given.


The confirmation email would include the number of items processed for pick up & the scheduled date. It is your responsibility to ensure that the list of items given to you in the warehouse matches the list received in the confirmation sent to you. If it does not match, please raise a claim with the list of items collected. 


Once the merchant has received a confirmation email that items have been processed for return pick-up, the merchant has 21 days to pick-up these items or the items will be considered forfeited by the merchant. Please ensure the email information provided in Seller Center is up to date to avoid missing important return-to-merchant communication.   

·         Promotion Guidelines

 Achieversmall regularly offers the possibility to merchants to join open promotion campaigns, based on special prices offered to the customers. The merchants can join the promotion through seller center Promotion features. Once his offers have been reviewed and accepted by Achieversmall commercial staff, the vendor has the obligation to respect his commitment, both in terms of price and stock available for the promotion. In case the vendor would not respect his commitment, Achieversmall reserves the right to apply sanctions as per section below (see Sanctions section).

merchants must keep in mind that the discounts provided through the promotion feature is a discount based on the original selling price of the product.  

·         Payment Terms Conditions and Payment Schedule

All merchants will receive weekly payments for items set to delivered within 7 days of the payout day. Every merchant on will be allocated a business day of the week, from Monday to Friday, for payments. If you are, for instance, a merchant with Tuesday as an allocated payout day, you will receive payment for items set to delivered during the period 7 days prior to the payout day. For example, the payment made on Tuesday, March 24th will be for all items set to delivered between March 10th and March 17th.  

·         Sales and Order Regulations

  Achieversmall has set high operational expectations for all merchants joining on the platform.


Behaviour leading to Charges:


If the merchant does not respect the contract terms, it will be charged as per below structure:


·         Cancelled items: All orders cancelled before an item is shipped due to merchants error will be considered out of stock and will be charged a Fee.

·         Late Shipment: All orders set from Pending to ready-to-ship after the required timeline of 24 hours will be charged a Late Fulfillment Fee.

·         Returns: All items returned by the customer due to a merchant-related issue, such as incomplete item, defective product, counterfeit product, or missing item, will be charged a fee.

       Achieversmall will charge fees as per the below levels:


·         Cancellation:2 X Standard Commission value capped at 2000 Naira per Item.

·         Late Shipment: Standard Commission value capped at 2000 Naira per Item.

·         Sales Regulation on Bad Quality Products

       Sales Regulation is based on returns


·         Returns

 If the SKU return rate is greater than 2% (For General Merchandise) or 1.5%       (Fashion items) with a minimum of 3 customers who returned the SKU.


Products that have had repeated sales regulations will be delisted after the fourth occurrence of such regulations.


Merchant account dlisting and Order regulation

·         Vendor Delisting Due to Counterfeits

Products offered to our customers MUST be authentic as Achieversmall has ZERO tolerance for the sale of fake products, including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.


·         50,000 Naira fine on first occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.

·         50,000 Naira fine on second occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.

·         On the third occurrence, the merchant will be delisted and barred indefinitely from the platform.

·         Order Regulation

Below are the Order regulation criteria for merchant with respect to cancellation rate and fulfillment score:


Orders on your account will be regulated the following week based on your cancellation rate orders and orders you were able to successfully ship within a four week period.




Cancellation Rate

Daily Order Regulation



2.5% - 5.0%

75% * DCF

5.0% - 10.0%

50% * DCF






Pending to Ship Order Limit (PTSOL)




max (10*DCF,150)


max (5*DCF,100)



N.B. Daily Capacity to Fulfil (DCF) = (Total orders - OOS orders)/ Number of order days.


For issues regarding order regulations, kindly raise a claim or call +23418881102 or +23412772361.


·         Sensitive Goods Policies

For sensitive goods products, Merchants must add to the description of its products the below Product Creation Requirements. If for the mentioned Categories the requirements are not matched, the products of the vendor can be delisted.  


Achieversmall Categories

Product Creation Requirements


Non Alcoholized Beverages Sodas Other Beverages Food Other Food

Must indicated storage condition + Origin of the food

Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcoholized Beverages Cigar Universe Shisha & Accessories Other Tobacco E‎-Cigarettes & Accessories

Must indicated storage condition + Origin of the product

Baby Equipment

Baby Care & Safety Baby Feeding Baby & Toddler Toys Sleeping & Nursery Gear & Stroller Others Baby

Must indicated usage condition + minimum age + main materials present in the product

Health Products

Health & Fitness, Protrein Powders, Food supplements

Must  indicated Usage condition + storage condition + main ingredients

Beauty Products

Body shop Make up Facial Skincare Perfumes Hygiene Womens accessories Hair care Health and Relaxation Facial skin care

Must  indicate Usage condition + Ingredients + Storage

Intimate products


Must  indicate storage condition + usage condition + material

Potential Weapons

Kitchen Knife, baseball bat, weapons toys (Nerfs, Airsoft...)

Must indicate normal usage condition, minimum age


Others Baby Cars & remote control toys Dolls & Plush Educative Toys, Arts & Crafts Puzzles Scooters & Ride on Toys Sports Games Outdoor Toys Kids Tablets & Laptops Bricks, Blocks & Building Action & Toy figures Pretend Play Other Kids

Must indicate minimum Age, Main material