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How do I download Mac OS X onto a flash drive on my PC?

  1. Download Mac Os X 10.13
  2. Mac Os X 10.11 Download
  3. Download Mac Os X Free

Added (1). I have two used Mac Minis without an OS and no DVD player. I need to download a MAC OS onto my PC to a flash drive so I can install it on my Mac Minis. I don't want the MAC OS to try to auto install to my PC and create a huge problem. Tips?

The only official way is to download the Mac system on a Mac computer. Apple doesn't let you download Mac OS on a non-Apple computer. First, try to see if you can do an Internet recovery. This lets you download the Mac system over the Internet; you won't have to deal with the whole flash drive thing.


If the Internet recovery doesn't work, then take a look at this video: I've done something like this before and it works without much problem. However, as I mentioned, Apple doesn't let you download OS X on a non-Apple computer, so you will need to find it through unofficial means…

With Mac OS X Lion and a new piece of free software, it’s easier than ever to create a USB keychain that you can boot from. All you need is a few minutes, a copy of Lion, and a USB flash drive with at least 4GB of storage (though more is preferable). The first step in getting Lion onto your USB drive is to obtain a copy of the OS. This tutorial will help you create a bootable USB flash drive for your Mac on a Windows computer. In order for this to work you should have a USB flash drive.

When your non OS macs boot up they usually have a way to get to the internet and download a new OS that is compatible with your machine.
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Download Mac Os X 10.13

  • In order to speedup my MAC, because little RAM, can I use a flash drive as the swap partition insted of my hard disk? I'm owner of a MacBook Pro 17', i5 2.53GHz, 8Gb RAM, 500Gb HD. Modern applications are very hungry for RAM and I can't extend the memory, 8Gb is the limit. I'm searching for a 'trick' to increase the processing speed. SSD is not an opinion, Greece is here!
  • How do i put pictures from my macbook onto a usb flash drive? So i got a usb minion flash drive on christmas morning and i want to save my pictures on it but i don't know how to use it on a macbook there's actually certain pictures i want to save so how can i also just save the ones i want on my flash drive
  • Can I use a 128 gb usb flash drive to download Elder Scrolls online morrowind on mac? I have been trying to download elder scrolls online for over 3 days now but its been telling me i don't have enough space on my mac. So i bought a 128 gb usb flash drive so i can put it on there but i don't know how to, someone please help me? i don't know how to put the download in the usb Help?

Mac Os X 10.11 Download

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Download Mac Os X Free