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There are a number of converts in the market that claims to convert VHS tapes to DVD format. It is a traditional ritual to capture the moments in the camera’s eye. The old cameras were not much proficient than now.

Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd For Mac, free roxio easy vhs to dvd for mac software downloads. Simpo PDF to Word for Mac is an excellent PDF converter designed for Mac. Roxio Easy is totally designed for converting VHS to DVD for Mac along with other digital formats like 8mm, Hi8, and Videos8 tapes. This device supports various platforms of Mac OS some of our Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and many more.

That is why people want to preserve their old videos but with bold colors and better resolutions, and this effort is only to store precious memories of their beloved ones. In every family, someone must be a tech-savvy that can transfer the old ages tapes into the digitized one.

So, in today’s world, it becomes easier to move from the grey colored videotapes into the high-resolution formats. For this, you will not need to go to local labs, who do it at high prices, and if you have more than one tapes, the cost will be doubled.

That is why we enlisted some well-known devices, which are available in the market and you can use them conveniently. We will review on certain selected products that will surely help to decide the best one according to your need and choice.

The process will be simple and easy to understand. Every person can do it at home, so there is a big advantage for the people who like to invest their money in these types of gadgets to reserve their captured moments.

Roxio Vhs Convert Software Download For Mac

5 Best VHS to DVD Convertor of 2020

Elgato Video Capture - Digitize Video for Mac, PC or iPad...
ClearClick VHS To DVD Wizard with USB Video Grabber & Free...
VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite (2020)
UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture Card Device, VHS VCR TV to DVD...
VIDBOX VHS to DVD 8.0 Deluxe

1. Elgato Video Capture – Best Overall

It is an analog-to-digital converter that is bundled with software that can edit the video during the conversion. Corsair produced the efficient VHS to DVD converter.

The user can digitize the videotapes from DVR, VCR, camcorder, and the other analog video devices for playback on Mac, PC, or iPad.

Key Features

Elgato Video Capture is a high-end brand device that can transfer the home videos to playback on your device that can be watched by all family members.

The converter offers a huge chance to reunite the family. The software which comes with the tool is easy to use at home. The device can convert the videotapes in a high-quality H. 264 format.

The device can edit the video for uploading on YouTube or any social media platform. The device comes with software that supports Windows, Mac, and iPad.

The video content has stored enough in your cupboards, and after the three decades of VHS, the new technologies have arrived. The VHS has a short time span and can damage after some time.

Due to the fact, Elgato Video Capture released in the market to preserve the VHS videos into the digital era. It has a straight-forward method to use it at home. Thus, you can put the old family memories into your PC, Mac, and iPad.

The software itself guides from the beginning till the end. It helps to understand how to connect the analog video source to the converter and the way to watch on the big screen. The trimming tools are also provided in the software.

With the single click, you can transfer your video to the Windows media player library. The user can playback and sync to an iPad or Mac. Another feature that it can direct uploads video on YouTube and can be edited on iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker.

Key Specifications

  • It transfers the video from VCR or analog video source to your Mac or PC.
  • Software that is easy to use.
  • H.264 digital format is available to digitize the videos.
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and PAL/60 videos can handle
  • Video resolution for recorded tapes to convert are (4:3) and (16:9)
  • Manufactured by Corsair tech company

Inside the Box

  • The device Elgato Video Capture
  • The Composite-to-SCART adapter
  • Composite video/ RCA stereo cable

2. ClearClick – Editor’s Choice

It is a second-generation converter which used to transfer the VHS to DVD format. The ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0 is an extravagant device to transform the old videotapes into the new digitalize and high resolution.

The ClearClick device offers its users to watch the old faded videos into their smartphones, computers, and on the TV screen with pressing a single button.

The converting device can store your videos for later to watch. Hence, the device carries all-in-one features that every tech- sensible person finds.

Key Features

The device offers the user to convert the camcorder tapes into digital format. The functionality of the converting equipment is good enough. With the single button, you can transfer your videos in Hi-Res.

The device can record and digitalize the video from different sources like VHS, DVR’s, Camcorders, DVD players, and Hi8.

The additional and upgraded feature is that it does not demand the computer and software like the previous one need. The user can hook the device up and can start the recording. The recorded videos can directly transfer to any USB flash driver or SD card. These items are not included in the box.

The whole new thing we see in this VHS to DVD converter is its large preview screen. The first and foremost things are its enhanced recording quality that maximizes the customer satisfaction scale.


The automatic pause or resume feature does not bother the user to go away from the device during the recording. It gives the improvised Audio/Video sync protection to its users. Last but least its auto-stop feature, which proceed after 60, 90, 120, and 150 minutes.

The device is smartphone/tablet friendly, where you can record on MP4 format and can save directly. The resume option is also available for smartphones.

It is a USA-based Company that produces high-quality VHS to DVD converter. The company provides one year warranty and tech support in case of any technical fault.

Key Specifications

  • A large preview screen with 3.5″
  • Enhanced recording quality
  • Resolution is about 720 by 480 pixels
  • Upgraded Video/Video sync protection
  • Auto-stop feature after a specific time
  • Tablet/Smartphone- friendly
  • While recording pause feature

Inside the Box

  • User manual
  • Video to Digital converter device
  • 3-RCA to 3-RCA cable
  • USB cable
  • Power Adapter

3. Vidbox Video Conversion Suite – Amazon’s Choice


VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite is a VHS to DVD converter machine that provides various features through its single device.

The convertor device can transfer the Beta 8mm, old VHS, and camcorders videotapes into the high-resolution digital formats.

Now you can help your age-old recorded tapes to re-enter in the digital world. The device supports the Mac and PC. It is a device with multi-tasking features that means the videos can be seen on various portable devices.

The VHS to DVD converter machine helps the user to share on many other social media platforms with friends and family.

The exciting thing which appears with the VHS videos or analog tapes converter is that the purchasers will be guided by its customer care service in the US, UK, and Canada.

Key Features

When we see the functionality of this machine, it works amazingly.

If you stored Beta 8mm, VHS, and other analog tapes in your drawer, bring them out and do start converting them into digital format, which you and your family can enjoy the recorded beautiful moments.

High Adaptation with Video Sources

The converter is compatible with any video player, and it has RCA output for the video transfer. The compatibility of the device is vast. It can support Windows 7,8 and 10 easily.

The users of Mac and iPad can also buy this product because it can operate with these two systems also.

The step-by-step pictorial instruction to use the device is useful for the people who are using it first. It is another plus point for the company to build the trust of customers.

Compatibility with Portable devices

The convertible device can amazingly cooperate with the portable devices where you can watch your captured videos into the new format on your smartphones. Either you have iPhone or Android phone, there is nothing to worry about.

Best for Socializing

The gadget can share your precious memories directly in the form of videos to any social media platform or site. So, now you can reveal memorable moments with friends and family.

Customer Care Service Support

For getting further assistance, you can register yourself with the manufacturer company, through which you can ask any question regarding using the device or any issue you face during the use.

This service is open for the whole year for the customer. The staff of the company guides their clients and supports in their experience with the VHS to DVD converter machine. This is all for attaining maximum customer satisfaction.

Overall the second generation VHS to DVD converter machine is a solution to many issues while doing the process of transferring the old tapes into the digital one.

Key Specifications

  • VHS, Beta 8mm, camcorder tapes are convertible
  • Compatible to any video player that possess RCA
  • High compatibility with Windows 7,8, and 10 and also with Mac
  • Portable devices support system
  • Directly sharable on social media
  • US-based live customer support

Inside the Box

  • USB cable
  • Two software download cards
  • A quick start guide for PC
  • A guide for Mac
  • RCA cables for composite videos
  • USB Video recorder device

4. Ucec Converter – Most Affordable


UCEC is the best VHS to DVD recorder, which has a high adaptation capability with Mac OS and Windows 7, 8, and 10. It is an upgraded version of the Convertors with additional features.

The converter is able to solve problems like color bleed, white specks, and other distortions in the recorded tapes.

Key Features

The VHS to DVD recorder is an affordable option for the people who want to preserve their memories in the form of videotapes. The device comes with RCA cable that can connect the VCR to DVD or Camcorder.

You can share your captured videos via social platforms directly. The videos can transfer to smartphones, tablets, iPads, and other portable devices.

The device is straightforward to use for every individual, and in the least steps, you can convert the tapes into the digitized mode.

The converter is providing high-resolution about H.264 digital format, which is not bad to do at home.

The company offers technical support for 24 hours service and one year warranty. In case of any quarry, you can ask them any questions.

Key Specifications

  • Compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10
  • High-definition camcorder convertor
  • Adaptation with Mac
  • Protect sync with iPab, Mac, and Windows
  • Can edit in Movies, and Windows Live Movie Maker

Inside the Box

  • UCEC video capture card
  • RCA cable
  • The user manual
  • Disc included with two Softwares
  • Cooperate with Windows 7, 8, and 10 and Mac also

5. Vidbox 8.0 Deluxe – Best Value

The VIDBOX 8.0 Deluxe is providing all the features and solutions to its users, and an effortless, simple and powerful converter available in the market.

It offers professional editing and recording feature to its users. You can digitize the Betamax, camcorder, and other analog video sources in minimum time.

Key Features

The converter is compatible with 8mm, Beta, VHS, and camcorder tapes, and it can convert into the DVD form and other digital formats.

The convertor came with many additional features, including background music, and can capture the still images from the played video scenes.

The high-definition video convertor can edit the videos and add up additional features discussed below.

The convertor helps the users to upload videos directly on Facebook and YouTube. Another whole different feature of the converter is that it can record audio from the tapes or cassettes and the LP records and use them to form the WMA files.

The US-manufactured VHS to DVD converter enables the user to make slideshows from captured videos. And these can transfer into the DVD mode or other movie files.

The company offers live support for enhancing customer usability and satisfaction.

The converter has high-level compatibility like Windows 7, 8, and 10 and also Mac iOS systems.

Key Specification

  • HD edit
  • Ready-made themes that work as a slideshow
  • An easy wizard format
  • Audio recording
  • Advanced mode features

Inside the Box

  • USB video recorder device
  • RCA AV cable
  • USB cable
  • A manual guide
  • Software installation

Buyer Guide to Choose VHS to DVD Converter

In modern ages, it is extremely easy to capture the family videos from your smartphone, but the case was not always the same. Things were different before and not quicker than now.

Our parents and grandparents had seen a period of time when they recorded family videos, wedding videos, and our school performances by a camera, and they transfer the recorded video to the VHS tapes.

But we all know that the VHS tapes can damage or degrade after a certain time. It also happens when the VHS tapes play multiple times, and with every play, the quality of video becomes poor. The degradation rapidly occurs when the VHS player is near to the magnetic sphere.

The modern inventions always inspired human beings, and with every invention, people rushed to buy it and use it. The tech masters identified the need for transferring the old fashioned VHS tapes and videos into the digitalize look. They work simply by scanning old film or video of VHS and then convert it into a Dvd format.

The first converter emerged in 1956, but it was expensive. These were for professional use. With the passage of time, tech-inventors discover the VHS to DVD converter machine for home usage, and this was the big achievement for the people who want to save their memories forever.

Here we will discuss the primary points that must be focused before purchasing the VCR to DVD converters. As we have reviewed the best VHS to DVD converting gadgets above.

You can also focus on their key features before purchasing the right VCR to digital convertor, but we further explain the features that should have by the best tape to DVD converters.

Best VHS Capture Software

The convertor holds the best VHS Capture Software. The software enables the user to instruct with every step and provides a proficient recording feature.

The software helps the user to edit and trim the recorded video while doing the transfer of VHS tapes into digital mode. The software helps to connect with PC, Mac, and iPad also, where you can store your digitized videos and watch again and again with family.

The Compatibility of VHS to Dvd Converter

Compatibility must be higher of the VHS to DVD converter because every person has different systems and software.

So if the adaptation of the convertor will be low or minimum, the user has to buy more extra pieces of stuff to make possible their tasks. This would be a more burden on the pockets of consumers.

Some VCR to DVD convertor has the least compatible power, so cannot support Windows 10. Thus, it is extremely important to figure out your PC or Mac systems and purchase the higher compatible VHS to DVD converter.

High-Resolution Convertor

The converter must be able to convert the old tapes into the high-resolution format. Some of the converts give the high-resolution to the recoded videos, which looks more attractive and exciting to watch with family.

Can Share Directly with Social Platforms

There are some VHS to DVD converter available in the market that can share the recorded videos directly on various social media platforms like YouTube and others also.

Certain VCR to DVD converter is also able to share directly captured videos with smartphones. Hence, you can watch the edited and digitized videos on your smartphone.

FaQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

free. software download For Mac

Q- What Is the Best Vhs to Dvd Convertor to Buy?

There are many extravagant VCR to digital converters available in the market and also online. On the shopping website Amazon, you can buy reasonable convertor as per your choice. The details also presented with the product.

Q- How Can I Convert Vhs to Dvd at Home?

There are eight basic steps to follow. Firstly, connect the VCR to the TV, then insert the VHS tape into the deck and play it. Then, put the blank DVD into the DVD tray. Press the record button, edit it and record it and, at last, interconnect the VCR to PC.

Q- Is There a Machine that Converts Vhs to Dvd?

Yes, of course, there are a lot of VHStoDVDconvertormachine in the tech stores and online shopping sites. You can buy it after reading a detailed review and features.

Q- What Is the Best Way to Convert Vhs Tapes to Digital?

There are three basic ways to convert the VHS tapes into digital format. But before that, you need a few essential tools, including VCR and USB-to-composite video convertor.

Q- How Much Does It Cost to Transfer Vhs to Dvd?

The cost of converting analog or camcorder videotapes into the digital mode locates in the range of $9.95 to $39.95. The service may cost extra charges because they are professional in doing it.

Final Words

The excitement exists to convert the old-aged VHS tapes, which are full of beautiful memories with into the digitized mode. After that, you can watch family and friends. We have reviewed some famous VHS to DVD convertor with their key features and specs.

Roxio Vhs Convert Software Download For Mac Windows 7

They all are available online and in tech-stores. The user can purchase according to their need. In the modern age, you can convert your old tapes in high-resolution and can save them in your PC or Mac, and through there, you can share on social media platforms.

Rescue, Relive and Preserve Personal Video Memories and Entertainment

Milton Keynes, UK (May 26, 2009) Roxio®, a division of Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC), today announced the immediate availability of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac, a combination of software and hardware that provides consumers with a quick and trouble free way to convert and transfer personal video and entertainment stored on VHS tape to DVD. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is available from for £59.99.

To convert analogue content, users simply attach the included USB video capture device to their high-speed USB 2.0 port, and then capture from virtually any analogue video source. S-Video and composite-video input cables enable full-resolution DVD recording from VCRs, VCR/DVD combo players, and analogue camcorders including Hi8 and Video8 models. The resulting video files can then be recorded to DVD, complete with a custom menu background and chaptering, using a special version of Roxio Toast® (included), or exported directly to iMovie for editing.

“Whether it is weddings, baby’s first steps, reunions, or other irreplaceable family memories, it is only a matter of time before the aging footage stored on analogue video tape is lost forever,” said Vito Salvaggio, vice president of consumer products, Roxio. “We’ve introduced Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac, to make it extremely easy for families to revive and rediscover memorable family milestones and preserve them for generations to come.”

The Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac software guides users through the necessary steps to successfully capture analogue recordings. The software displays illustrations of the required cable connections and prompts users to select an appropriate recording quality. Users can preview video and audio to ensure connections are correct prior to capture. In addition, uses may set a predefined recording length so they can leave the capture process unattended.

Once recording is complete, options are available to send the video to Toast or to iMovie. Within Toast, users may create DVDs, VCDs or SVCDs, which can be personalised with professionally designed menu styles. Toast can also be used to compile multiple recordings on a single disc or to make copies of a DVD previously created for sharing with friends and family. Videos sent to iMovie can be edited further and exported for optimal playback on a range of mobile devices including the iPod® and iPhone®, or converted for posting and sharing via online services or social networking sites.

About Roxio

Roxio enables consumers to easily manage, share, and enjoy personal digital media content and conveniently access premium Hollywood entertainment from a broad range of connected devices. A wide array of leading technology companies and developers rely on Roxio applications, services and technologies to bring innovative digital media functionality to next-generation devices and platforms.

Roxio vhs converter software download for mac os x

Roxio Vhs Convert Software Download For Mac Os

Roxio is a division of Sonic Solutions (NASDAQ: SNIC), headquartered in Marin County, California.

Roxio For Mac Free

Forward Looking Statements

Roxio Vhs To Dvd Mac

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are based upon current expectations, including the launch, distribution, and market acceptance of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward looking statements as a result of various risks and uncertainties, including those discussed in the Company’s annual and quarterly reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This press release should be read in conjunction with the Company’s most recent annual report on Form 10-K, Form 10-Q and other reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which contain a more detailed discussion of the Company’s business including risks and uncertainties that may affect future results. The Company does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements.Sonic, the Sonic logo, Sonic Solutions, Roxio, and the Roxio logo are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by Sonic Solutions in the United States and/or other countries. All other company or product names are trademarks of their respective owners and, in some cases, are used by Sonic Solutions under license. Specifications, pricing and delivery schedules are subject to change without notice.

Roxio Vhs Converter Software Download For Mac Os X

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