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Record PC activity with very little effort
Whether you’re looking for a program that’s going to keep track of your children’s PC activity or your share your computer and you’d like to know what other people are doing while they’re using your system, you definitely need a program like Spyrix Personal Monitor.
Spyrix Personal is a program available for your Windows system that records and shows you a detailed report of a user’s activity. It can even be used by companies in order to keep track of what your employees are up to while you’re paying them to be doing their job. Anyone that has a reason to record the various activities that are happening on their computer should try Spyrix Personal Monitor.
- Hidden mode so that your kids, employees, friends, etc. don’t even know you’re recording their activities.
- Records the keystrokes on your system when activated, including passwords.
- Shows you screenshots of applications that are being run on your system.
- Monitors various internet activities, including social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
- Monitors various messaging systems, including Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, and more.
- Monitors and displays various search queries that are being made on your system.
- Has the ability to send your logs via email, FTP, and/or LAN.
- Lets you blacklist certain words according to your individual preference.
- Incredibly easy to learn to navigate and use.
- Downloads incredibly fast (within a minute or two).
- Free to download and install on your Windows system.
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It can go by a certain number of names: spyware, monitoring software, or just keylogger. But whatever you want to call it, the main purpose of this software will always be to reveal every click and touch that you make. This includes every download and conversation that happens as you start staring blankly at your monitor.


All this monitoring of the user’s daily input will be kept in a log. The log may be saved to a file or even sent to another database over a network or via the Internet. Such an activity has always been associated with being covert and it is being done due to illegal purposes. However, not all activities from a software like the Keyboard Logger Softwareshould be deemed as an invasion of one’s privacy.

Spyrix Keylogger Free

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Most users don’t even know that such a software has been installed as some are activated maliciously by hackers. This is the type of keylogger that would provide you with a security risk. But not all types akin to a Keyboard Recorder Software are for a malicious intent as what we will discuss below. Some have a distinct set of purpose that will come in handy in a certain manner.

Helicopter Parenting

With monitoring your children’s activity on the net a priority, it is quite an assurance that such a manner of parental control is made available, especially as it is quite easy to be bombarded with inappropriate content on the net.

Suspicious Spouses and Partners

Hell hath no fury like a woman (or a man) scorned! Since virtual cheating is predominant, why not douse that glowing ember immediately before it becomes a wildfire. Be no longer that jealous spouse or partner of your better half. If you suspect them of flirting online, then this is where the keylogger excels.

Devious Employees

Workstation being used after hours? Is the computer being used for non-related purposes? Track them all down using this company security before the disclosure of important company information.

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Spyrix Android

Home Keylogger for Mac

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Best Free Keylogger – Most Popular Software

Nevertheless, despite the mentioned justifications on the use of such a software, which are subjective-based, any output retrieved from this software can still be used maliciously. That is why most companies have already utilized a long list of countermeasures from on-screen keyboards (to deter hardware keyloggers) to anti-spy applications. Here are just some tips!

  • Do not visit explicitly-themed websites as there will be a great chance that you will download infected programs.
  • Be careful when opening files that you have received, be it via e-mail, chat, P2P networks, and social media platforms.
  • Use a password manager that will automatically register your username and passwords. This will prevent keylogging as you will not be typing any sort of information. With that being said, remember to use a one-time password.
  • Change your keyboard layout. Scrap the traditional. Get rid of the QWERTY layout. Switch to an alternative like the DVORAK. It’s harder for the software to identify the strokes that are being captured.
  • Try rebooting the computer with a write-protected live USB or live CD. Then use a network monitor or reverse firewalls to alert you in the near future for any application attempts.

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Spyrix Free Keylogger For Pc

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