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We’ve got a huge feedback from people, they say that they miss the features of our Arabic keyboard when they are typing offline. Although, we badly want to make our platform available for different platforms, making it live in such short span could create issues on quality. We don’t want that. So, till the time we release a better offline Arabic keyboard, you can consider using these.

Arabic Keyboard for Android

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You can visit the above link, it has the top Arabic keyboard apps for Android. They come with a lot of features and the best part is, they work fluently without even being connected to the Internet. The installation process is very simple, just download the apps from the Google Play Store and install it. Once installed, select “Arabic” as the main language and add secondary languages if needed. That’s it, the keyboard has now been installed, you can begin typing in Arabic. You can also switch to a different language when needed.

Arabic Keyboard for Mac

The MacOS comes with the “Arabic Language” pre-installed. To enable the Arabic keyboard on your Mac device, you simply have to follow the below steps. Before you begin, this steps will work for every MacOS device i.e. MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, and iMac.

  • Open the System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources.
  • Press the “+” icon visible on the bottom.
  • Now, you’ll find a list of languages being shown, select Arabic and the layout you want.
  • That’s it! You can now type in Arabic from your MacOS device even if it’s not connected to the Internet.

In case typing in Arabic from the English Keyboard makes it difficult, you shall consider checking our Best Arabic Keyboard stickers guide and buy one of the best Arabic keyboard stickers for your Mac device.

Arabic Keyboard for iPhone/iPad

Apple doesn’t allow you to download a keyboard based on your preferences. You’ll have to use the keyboard which it makes in order to type in Arabic. In case you’re looking forward to enable an Arabic keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, then go to the below mentioned path.

  • Settings > General > Language and Region > Keyboards > Add Keyboard

Many languages will appear, just select “Arabic” language and that’s it, the OS will automatically download the Arabic keyboard for your iPhone or iPad and you can begin typing in Arabic. In case you plan to type in a different language, you can click on the “Globe” icon on the keyboard and switch to a language you prefer.

Arabic Keyboard for Windows

Back in the Windows XP days there was no option to enable the Arabic keyboard on Windows and that’s the reason why users had to download the keyboard for Windows. However, on the latest version of Windows, you can simply follow the below steps and begin typing in Arabic.

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Regional and Language options > Change Keyboard > Keyboards and Languages > Add Keyboard.
  • Then go to Change Keyboards > “Click on Add.”
  • Select the “Arabic Language” > Click on “Okay” and navigate back to the previous screen and click on “Apply.”
  • While typing if you want to switch to a different language, check the taskbar and click on “EN” or “Language symbol” and switch to the language you prefer.

Arabic Keyboard for PhotoShop

In case you’re interested in adding an “Arabic” text on an image, then PhotoShop is the best tool to do so. You can directly navigate to our homepage and begin typing in Arabic, However, to make it easier to find, we’ve create a dedicated page for PhotoShop users.

Arabic Keyboard in Different Languages


You can use the sub-pages we’ve created to type in Arabic, if our English version is loaded with users and is unreachable. We’ve added the pages and links to it and have added the country, so if you’re from that origin, you can consider using those pages. Although, we won’t let our service go down for less than 5 minutes a month, but during maintenance, you can consider using these pages.

Windows Standalone Installer Download

  • Arabische Tastatur. (Germans)
  • Tastiera Araba. (Italy)
  • Arabic Keyboard. (English)


Although, downloading the languages and softwares would make the keyboard easily accessible, but if you’re someone who don’t type in Arabic on daily basis then using an online Arabic keyboard could be a better decision. In case you’re still confused about installing an Arabic keyboard on your device, you shall consider checking our guide: “Should I download an Arabic keyboard or use the online/virtual Arabic keyboard?.” Depending on the feedback we receive from our users, we might make a downloadable version of our keyboard, do let us know if you’re interested by checking our feedback page.


Windows USB Drivers

  • Download Windows USB Drivers
    • ​open after downloaded to install

Windows Software

  • Download Software for Windows (v.3.2.5)
    • ​open after download to install
    • on new Software features
  • Standalone and Wireless Camera Base mode software file
    • ​Save this file to your SD card
    • Only used for SD card stand alone mode or wireless base

Device Firmware

  • Camera Firmware (4.6.0)
    • ​Save to computer to update firmware via the software
    • or save to SD card, power off camera, insert SD card and power up camera to update firmware
  • Camera Firmware (zip version)
    • ​Must be extracted then saved to computer or SD card
  • Echo Firmware (2.3.0)
    • ​save to computer update via software
  • Feeder Firmware (2.3.0)
    • ​save to computer update via software
  • Activator Firmware (2.3.0)
    • ​save to computer update via software

MAC BuckEye Cam Software and Firmware:

  • Download MAC Software
  • Stand Alone Mode' Documentation
  • 'Stand Alone Mode Software'
    • Download then copy file to your sd card

Linux BuckEye Cam Software for PCs

  • SE Documentation

X Series BuckEye Cam Cellbase

  • Download USB Firmware Updater

​X Series BuckEye Cam Netbase

X Series MultiBase SE ARMv4 (software floating point)

X Series MultiBase SE ARMv7 (hardware floating point)

  • Download ARMv4 with hardware floating point

Restore Card Generator
(Requires 2Gig SD card or smaller)

  1. Select Windows or MAC Program version below
  2. Download MAC Version
  3. After download 'Double Click' program to run
  4. Insert 2Gig SD card or smaller into computer
  5. Follow software instructions to generate restore card
  6. Once card is generated take SD card to Camera
  7. Remove power from Camera
  8. Insert SD card into Camera
  9. Power Camera back up
  10. Display should show programming progress - DO NOT REMOVE POWER during the programming
  11. Once 'Done' is displayed on Camera, remove SD card and remove power from Camera
  12. Power Up Camera normally

Standalone Keyboard Software Download For Mac Os

Purchase Preloaded Restore SD Here and we will ship it to you)

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