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  1. Apple MacOS: Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac, Encrypt disks or memory cards to protect your Mac information; Microsoft Windows: Turn on device encryption; Run Anti-Malware Software. Malware is a more general term that refers to all sorts of unwanted software.
  2. Adobe Spark subscription. As a benefit of UF's Adobe Enterprise License Agreement (ETLA), all faculty and students are provisioned with a free academic subscription to Adobe Spark (with premium features). For more information, visit the Adobe Spark for Higher Education web page. Adobe Creative Cloud one-year or six-month subscription.
  3. Adobe Acrobat DC Pro is publishing software for viewing, creating, combining, and controlling Adobe PDF documents for distribution, collaboration, and data collection. If you are a student who needs access to Adobe Acrobat Pro, please submit a special request for Creative Cloud for Students.

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Contact the UF/IFAS Extension Bookstore to reserve the available displays. Click on the links below to view each set.

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Download the Image Resolution Table. This table will help you determine the resolution of an image in relation to its file size and physical size.

Directions For Use

Use these files as is or contact Tracy Bryant to customize for your unit.

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Download, unzip and open file to create email, adjust email, and send. Only works with desktop Outlook application.

Outlook for PC Desktop Application

Outlook for Mac Desktop Application

University Of Florida Adobe Free Download For Mac Download

Guide last updated April 21st, 2020.

Many UF and Florida Museum resources are available remotely via a broadband internet connection. Broadly, these resources fall into two categories of those that require a VPN connection and those that do not.

VPN Not Required


UF email is accessible on the web and does not require a VPN connection.

  • UF Exchange is available at
  • GatorMail is available at


MyUFL is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection.


ONE.UF is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection.


UF’s Learning Management System is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection.

UF Apps

UF Apps is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection.


Zoom video conferencing is available on the web at and does not require a VPN connection. Tutorials on how to use Zoom are provided on the UF Zoom website. All users of Zoom are encouraged to review the UF e-Learning website on keeping Zoom secure at

To allow faculty to speak to students privately, Zoom offers the ability to close a meeting room for private discussion, which is useful when discussing confidential information. There are two ways to accomplish this and the instructions may be found at Although this link starts from launching Zoom from within Canvas, the features described are available in Zoom directly without launching from Canvas.

Staff conducting meetings are encouraged to review the section on locking your session once all attendees have joined, which may be found at

UFIT has enabled the ability to secure Zoom meetings to UFL accounts only and recommends Zoom users do so when scheduling a meeting where all participants are UF faculty, staff, or students. Meetings secured to UFL accounts require that participants to be signed into Zoom with their UFL account when joining the meeting. Instructions to check if your are signed in to Zoom with your UF account may be found at

VPN Required

Resources that are specific to the Museum, such as the Intranet, Remote Desktop access, and shared drives, are restricted to Museum networks and require a UF FLMNH VPN connection to access remotely. The Office of Museum Technology provides video tutorials on the OMT TV website at for accessing these resources.


Gatorlink VPN – The Gatorlink VPN service provides secure remote access to the University of Florida network and makes it appear as if your computer were physically attached to the campus network. By using the Gatorlink VPN client, you may access resources on the UF network that are not typically available over an Internet path. These services may include file shares, private IP addressed systems, UF Library Journals, Software Licensing Services, and the Remote Desktop.

When working off-campus and you need to connect to Museum resources, it is recommended that you use the /flmnh-campus switch with the VPN for most tasks to segment UF related network traffic from general internet traffic coming and going from your computer. This is configuration is called a split tunnel and results in much better performance.

e.g. [email protected]/flmnh-campus

The major exception to using the split tunnel is when you need library access. The library services to which UF subscribes will not recognize the IP address of your remote computer, so it is necessary to use the /flmnh switch to route all of your network traffic through the VPN. We recommend you only do this while you are actively using library resources and switch back to the /flmnh-campus tunnel otherwise.

Please be a courteous VPN user and disconnect your session when not in use to free resources for others. Remember to close all documents open from a shared network drive before disconnecting the VPN to prevent data loss.

Video tutorials on installing and using the UF VPN for Museum access are available at

Network Shared Drives

Video tutorials on accessing Museum shared drives are available at

Adobe for mac

Remote Desktop

Museum faculty, exempt Teams staff, and staff approved for an Alternate Work Location are enabled for Remote Desktop access to Museum Windows workstations. Remote Desktop should be reserved for accessing specialty software installed on a Museum workstation, such as a Specify collection database, and does require a VPN connection. Video tutorials for Remote Desktop access are available at

Mac Screen Sharing

Museum faculty, exempt Teams staff, and staff approved for an Alternate Work Location may request OMT to setup remote access to a Museum Mac using Screen Sharing. Open a Support Desk Ticket with OMT to request setup and include the name of the computer to which you wish to remotely connect.

Unlike Windows Remote Desktop, Mac Screen Sharing does not lock the screen of the remote computer while you are connected. Anyone with physical access to the remote computer can watch what you are doing on the screen. Mac screen sharing should be reserved for specialty software access and tasks that may only be completed on the workstation.

A video tutorial on Mac Screen sharing is available at

Museum Intranet

The Museum Intranet is available at and does require a VPN connection to access remotely.

Museum Apps

Museum Apps, including Travel Authorization and Annual Activity Report, are available at and do require a VPN connection.

Productivity Software

Microsoft Office 365

Acrobat for mac free download

UF faculty, staff, and students are licensed for up to five installations of Microsoft Office 365. More information, including the download link, is available from UFIT at

Adobe Creative Cloud

Users with a UF Adobe user-based license are allowed the use of the Adobe product(s) by a single licensed individual. Secondary installation of the software on a personally-owned machine is allowed. If you are unsure of your license type, open a Support Desk Ticket to ask OMT. The software is available from Adobe at


UF has arranged with Adobe to provide temporary, at-home (remote) access for students and faculty during the university’s COVID-19 shutdown. This at-home availability is valid while face-to-face teaching and learning activities are suspended. More information is available at

Telephones and Voicemail

Forwarding Office Phones and Checking Voicemail

University Of Florida Adobe Free Download For Mac

UF allows you to forward your phone. When doing so, please remember that if you forward to a long distance number, the Museum pays for a long distance call each time your phone rings, so we encourage you to forward responsibly.

To forward calls from your phone before leaving the office:

  1. Press the Forward all Softkey (located under the screen display). You will hear 2 beeps.
  2. Enter the phone number to which you wish to foward.
  3. If forwarding off campus, don’t forget to dial “9” in front of the number.
  4. If long distance, dial “9+1+area code+number.”

To remotely forward your phone from a computer:

  1. If you are off campus, open a VPN connection (see VPN section).
  2. Logon to the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal.
  3. Enter your Gatorlink username into the username field (e.g. albert.gator).
  4. Enter your Gatorlink password into the password field and click “Sign In.”
  5. Click “Call Forwarding” on the left pane.
  6. Check the box to the left of “Forward all calls to:”
  7. Click on the drop down arrow and select “Add a new number.”
  8. Enter the phone number to which you wish you to forward your calls.
  9. If the phone number is off campus, don’t forget to dial “9” in front of the number.
  10. If long distance, dial “9+1+area code+number.”
  11. Click save and close the web page.

Unified Communications – Voicemail Delivered to Email

Users may also place an OMT Support Desk request to have unified communications enabled which will link voicemail to your email Inbox. With this feature enabled, you will receive an email for each voicemail. Listening to or deleting the voicemail in your inbox will mark the message as read or deleted on your phone. Conversely, listening to or deleting the message on your phone will mark it appropriately in your inbox.


UF also provides soft phone services, which replaces your existing physical phone with software run on a workstation and/or mobile device. Please place an OMT Support Desk request for soft phone services.

Adobe For Mac

Send & Receive Fax via Email

UF faculty and staff can send and receive faxes via email using their UF Exchange email. Sending faxes is already setup for everyone, but receiving faxes requires either converting an existing fax number or ordering a new one. Instructions to send email via fax are published at–informational-guides/efax/send–recive-fax-via-email/.

University Of Florida Adobe Free Download For Mac Os

Please place an OMT Support Desk request if you wish to have your departments fax converted to receive faxes via email, or if you wish to order a new efax number for your department.

University Of Florida Adobe Free Download For Macbook Pro

Guide last updated April 21st, 2020.